Pikolinos is a Spanish footwear brand that has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years. Despite their success in Europe, the brand struggled to establish a strong online presence in the competitive Canadian market. That is, until they partnered with YND Marketing.


converting, and a limited reach for social media presence in Canada. The brand had not been able to figure out why they weren't able to replicate the Europeen results with the Canadian ones.  In addition, their advertising accounts were not set up optimally to reach potential customers in Canada. As a result, the brand was struggling to attract and retain customers in Canada.


To help Pikolinos succeed in the Canadian market, YND Marketing implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included the following elements:

Targeted audience research: YND worked with Pikolinos to identify and segment their target audience in Canada based on demographics, interests, and purchasing habits. This helped the brand create marketing campaigns that resonated with the right people. We had identified that a fairly large amount of people purchasing Pikolinos were working mom’s and women with a working lifestyle. 

Personalized marketing campaigns: YND developed targeted marketing campaigns for the Canadian market, including social media ads, email marketing, and retargeting ads. The campaigns included creative assets such as product images and copy that were tailored to the Canadian market audiences.

Facebook and Google Advertising account setup and optimization: YND worked with Pikolinos to set up and optimize their advertising accounts, including Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram advertising, to reach the right audience in Canada. This ensured that the brand’s ads were being seen by potential customers.


The results of YND Marketing’s efforts were impressive. Pikolinos saw a significant increase in website traffic and sales in Canada.  As a result of YND’s expertise, Pikolinos was able to establish a strong e-commerce presence in the Canadian market and increase their customer base and brand’s visibility!


Pikolinos’ success in the Canadian market is a testament to the power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. By partnering with YND Marketing, the brand was able to overcome the challenges they faced and achieve their goal of establishing a strong online presence in Canada. If your brand is struggling to succeed in a new market, consider working with a digital marketing agency like YND Marketing to develop a customized strategy that drives results.