Lemon Jelly

Lemon Jelly is a Rain Boot brand that specializes in being a vegan, fashionable and affordable! They also smell like lemons 🍋.  The brand is headquartered in Portugal and was struggling to attract and retain customers in the North American market. Prior to working with YND they lacked a clear direction and strategy on how to penetrate the North American market. In an effort to boost sales and develop brand awareness, Lemon Jelly turned into an omni channel brand and here’s how we did it!


Prior to working with us, Lemon Jelly had a confusing website with a low 0.8% Conversion rate. The website was difficult to navigate and did not have a seamless flow, had no USP’s (unique selling points), no reviews and minimal presence on social media. Also, Lemon Jelly did not have any UGC creatives nor were they on Tiktok! The brand did not have a clear target audience or a defined brand identity in order to truly compete with larger brands in the footwear niche.


We started off with maximizing each and every Visitor, essentially extending our Marketing dollars! How? By simply having a clear and concise way of showing why Lemon Jelly was a brand that was different from their competitors. Having the Website follow the AIDA principle, providing social proof, USP’s, high converting product images and high converting landing pages. That led to growing the Conversion rate to 1.8, (that’s more than double!) We knew at that moment in time that the website was able to handle high traffic volumes and higher conversion rates, maximizing each visitor!

Developed a Strong UGC Campaign: YND helped Lemon Jelly define their target audience and create a cohesive turn-key solution for having UGC creatives made. This included finding creators that represent Lemon Jelly’s core values, negotiating the rates, providing the creators with a clear brief for all videos, coordinating the exchange of products with the creator, receiving the videos back from the creators and having the videos edited for high engagement and click thru rates!

Implementing a Full Marketing Funnel on social media platforms : In addition to the UGC creatives, we had our graphic designers create additional ad creatives. We then took the final creatives and had our Media buyers implement a funnel campaign on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. A funnel approach is segmenting the campaign in 3 stages.

  1. Top of Funnel : This is the initial stage of the marketing funnel, where potential customers are first introduced to the brand and its products or services. The goal at this stage is to generate awareness and interest among potential customers.
  2. Middle of Funnel : In the middle of the funnel, potential customers have shown some level of interest in the brand and are considering making a purchase. The goal at this stage is to provide more information and build credibility with potential customers.
  3. Bottom of Funnel : At the bottom of the funnel, potential customers are ready to make a purchase. The goal at this stage is to convince them to choose the brand and complete a purchase.


As a result of these efforts, Lemon Jelly was able to double their revenue numbers year after year. The brand saw an increase in website traffic and a higher conversion rate, as well as a more engaged and loyal customer base. In addition, the brand’s social media following grew significantly, and they received positive feedback from customers about the improved website and had finally been on track to hit their first 1,000,000$ online!